Three-Year-Old Girl and Newborn Sister Immediately Bond After Meeting For the First Time in the Hospital


“I Will Never Let You Go!” ~ Molly to baby sister

Many children are not used to sharing their parents’ love and affection with their siblings, so this is when jealousy arises. On the other hand, other kids are born full of love! A mother in Pennsylvania shared a video of her three-year-old daughter, Molly, on her Twitter page when she met her newborn sister for the first time. In the video, You will see Molly cradling her little sister in her arms and affectionately saying, “I won’t let you go…”

Molly’s mother, Heather Conley, welcomed her newborn daughter, Cora, and big sister Molly immediately showed deep affection to her younger sister when they first met in the hospital. Her loving eyes locked on her sleeping sister, and she kept kissing her cheek.

Heather kept reminding Molly to be gentle the first time she handed the baby to her big sister. “You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you… I won’t let you go anymore,” Molly said to her sister while she hugs her several times.

Heather was so mesmerized by the two sisters, overcome with emotions while she takes a video of them bonding. She was heard saying, “I just got that on video.”

Just before the video clip ended, you could hear Molly asking, “Are we going to take her hat off?”
Different reactions came pouring in at the comments section as the video became viral.

“Sweet big sister! Enough to melt my heart!” A netizen commented.

“She’s a very good sister! They will accompany each other while they grow up. I’m so happy!” Another netizen said.