Not Satisfied with Wearing a Plastic Bag, The Dog’s Frown Turned into a Wide Smile When His Master Bought Him a Raincoat


Having a faithful pet to play and have fun with has always been an animal lover’s haven. Some animal owners also like to dress their fur babies with stylish clothing and accessories. Some pets have name tags, ribbons or hats, and some also have bells attached to their collars so the owner knows where they are going. It is also enjoyable to see pets wearing stylish clothes for different occasions, and the good thing is, even pets are happy and excited to dress up!

Just like any other pet dog that loves to be dressed by its owners, stylish Manni, a dog of Shiba Inu breed, also loves dressing up with clothes his owner gives him.

One day, Manni’s owner bought him a nice yellow raincoat. He liked it very much that he had a big smile on his face. Manni was happy even though his owner only bought him these protective clothing.

It all began when his master forgot to buy him a raincoat. It was also raining, and Manni needed to go outside to do his doggie “needs.”

At the time, there was no other choice for his master but to have him wear a plastic bag to cover his body and another to cover his head. Poor Manni was so disappointed! His owner wanted to please him, so he tried different styles only to please Manni.

Although his owner did his best to please him using different colors of plastic bags, Manni did not seem to be happy at all. In fact, he was very disappointed he did not like wearing plastic bags that made him uncomfortable.

The disappointment was very evident on Manni’s face that his owner felt like laughing at the cute sight of him. Instead, the owner kept apologizing to the dog.

However, after the incident, his master bought him a pretty yellow raincoat. Manni felt very happy with his new raincoat, he ditched the plastic bags and wore his new attire with a wide smile on his face.

Just look at the style of his new raincoat, no longer plastic. His owner will no longer laugh at Manni again!