Dog hang out in the mall to enjoy aircond is hired by the mall as security guard


Instinctively, dogs love to explore. They are naturally excited about almost everything new to them. Sometimes, due to their high curiosity and adventurous nature, they get to places where they are often not welcome. Recently, a stray dog entered a shopping center unnoticed.

The incident happened at Vista Mall in Taguig, located in Manila, the Philippines, and was recorded by a Facebook user named Jan Mart Calimpong.

A stray dog that entered the mall’s premises has gone viral when he was caught slacking on the establishment’s floor.

In the video posted by Jan Mart Calimpong, the dog was chilling and relaxing on the floor of the premises when he was escorted out gently by a security guard. No violence was done by the security personnel on duty, and this received praises from netizens who have watched the video.

“Though this dog entered the mall premises unnoticed, I was glad he was not treated harshly when sent back outside [and] instead, the guard escorted him like he was their pet,” Calimpong wrote.

A kind security guard escorts the dog gently outside. Netizens praised the security personnel of the shopping center since they were not harsh to him and instead escorted him carefully outside.  Image credit: Jan Mart Calimpong/Facebook

The security guard whose name is Rico Bucan named him DogDog, who always joins them whenever they have their guard mounting.

“He grew up here in the mall where I work. He is such a kind dog,” he added.

Eventually, DogDog became a part of the shopping center’s security team.

Rico Bucan and DogDog. Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook
Rico Bucan treated DogDog like he was his own pet. Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook

The chairman of the security agency commends the actions of the team for handling the situation very professionally.

DogDog joins the security team during their routinary guard mounting. Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook
DogDog is hired to be a part of the shopping center’s security team. Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook

Facebook users were very amused by DogDog’s success, they posted pictures of their dogs with hilarious comments that they jokingly want their dogs to apply in the security team, too.

Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook
Image credit: One Cavite/Facebook

DogDog sure is one  lucky pup!