This Young Man Paid For An Elderly’s Groceries Even After The Old Man Cuts The Line In Front Of Him


As a community, we should always try to help one another out whenever we can. It’s the right thing to do and it’s not too difficult to do so.

This was showcased by Danny Pineda who shared on his Facebook page about what happened.

Source: Facebook/Danny Penida


He was in line to pay for his groceries at a supermarket when an elderly suddenly comes up and cuts the queue.

Danny assumes the old man had cut the line unintentionally. Perhaps it was because of the six meters social distancing that made him think no one was lining up.

“I did not say anything, I kept my distance,” Danny recounts his experience.

However, something happened when the elder man reaches the counter. He found out that he forgot his wallet as he reached into his back pocket and only found a small note.

Danny said the old man had looked disappointed and embarrassed and this time, he did not just stand back and watch.

Danny stepped forward and immediately paid for the man’s groceries. The elderly man had thanked him, expressing his utmost gratitude for the gesture before leaving with a box of milk and biscuits paid by Danny.

The cashier who was manning the counter was in awe of Danny’s actions. They questioned his reasons saying that the old man had cut in front of him in line yet he still helped to pay for him

Without hesitation, Danny gladly replied.

“I hope if one day my father forgets to bring his wallet someone will come to help pay for his milk and biscuits.”

Just as he’s shown, doing something pleasant for someone else is easy. All that is needed is sincerity.

Danny’s post garnered more than 166,000 reactions, 86,000 shares and 5,100 comments since its upload on the evening of September 11.