Prank Played On An Old Man Who Sells Tofu Dessert For A Living Sparks Outrage


In Taiwan, an 88-year-old senior citizen works as a stall owner selling taufu fa (Tofu Dessert) to support his family.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who lack hearts and in this case, it was a group of young teens who decided that this old man was going to be their victim for that day.

Source: Facebook/Tainan Breaking News Commune

On September 5, a netizen spread the news in a Facebook group called “Tainan Breaking News Commune”.

In his post, he mentioned that the senior taufu fa seller was filling up cups of taufu fa due to a large order request from a customer. However, once they found out the price of the order, they immediately shot him down and left without paying for their food.

This senior citizen and his wife depend on their business for their livelihood. They sell for only 4.60 yuan  a cup and have been doing this for more than 40 years.

Source: Facebook/Tainan Breaking News Commune

They can only sell 40 cups a day and earn a daily income of about 200 yuan  – maybe even less after deducting the business costs.

How upsetting it is to have wasted so much just because of a prank.

This incident attracted the attention of the Tainan Mayor, Huang Weizhe, who is known to favour senior citizens. Hearing about what happened, he proceeded to buy all the taufu fa sales on that day.

“The perseverance of these senior citizens has touched my heart and everyone,” he said.

Source: Facebook/Tainan Breaking News Commune

What’s surprising is someone actually admitted it was them who did the prank on the old man. He appeared on the Facebook page confessing his guilt of being the perpetrator behind the incident.

“My regular classmates and I were in the area to eat for free. The old man looked like he was doing honest work for money and he was deceived by us who told him to put more taufu fa than usual in the cups. He was also not wary about whether his money would get stolen.” The netizen wrote on the day of the incident.

The story continues saying that he and his friends were daring each other to make a large order then leave after finding out the price. After the old man told them, they replied saying it was too expensive and ran away without buying the 20 cups of taufu fa that had been filled.

“He didn’t know how to react and we laughed out loud,” he wrote.

Source: Facebook/Tainan Breaking News Commune

The netizen revealed that he is a student at Qingshui High School in Taichung and he had pulled a prank on the senior seller during the summer holidays.

The shamelessness of this netizen caused others to express their rage online. People were criticizing the group of teens for their actions.

However, the school stated that the student’s account had been hacked into before and was no longer active.

The case is being investigated and handed over to the Tainan police.

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