Postman Writes Letters For Dog Who Loves Receiving Mail When There Is No Mail For His House


Everyone loves dogs. Some do because they’re cute, they’re loyal, or – they get the mail for them.

Pippa is one who likes to help her owner retrieve letters, in fact, she loves to do it!

Every day she goes out to receive letters and over time, Pippa became very acquainted with the local postman, Martin.

Martin always passes Pippa’s house on the way while doing his duty. Sometimes he would go and play with him for a while before resuming his work.

Martin is a fellow dog-lover and he enjoys interacting with dogs when he sends the mail.

“Pippa is my favorite dog! Every time I ride my bike to deliver a letter, he rushes out to receive the letter happily as soon as he hears me.” Martin said.

Unfortunately for Pippa, her owner doesn’t receive mail every day so there are times where she has to go back into the house empty-handed.

The thought of it upsets Martin, therefore, he had the brilliant idea of writing letters. Because he didn’t want to disappoint Pippa every time she comes out to receive mail, Martin will have something prepared just for her so she could feel satisfaction from it.

Pippa is always welcome to receive letters with its tail wagging and watching the postman with puppy dog eyes. Anyone seeing that would obviously melt and try their best not to upset Pippa.

During the festive Christmas season, Martin tends to dress up as Santa Claus and pass out toys and snacks to the dogs on his way to work.

“We finally got rid of the postman and dog stereotype. I hope that through my actions, more people will know that dogs and postmans can also become good friends.”

Martin and Pippa are very good friends and they have a close relationship as Martin’s letter brings joy to Pippa and Pippa’s behavior towards him always puts a smile on his face.

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