This Family Has A Guardian Dog That Protects Their Breads and Carbs Food When They’re Away


In Buffalo, Minnesota, Jakey, a German Rottweiler, is a protective and loyal dog who looks after her family but has a unique way of showing it.

When her family is not around, she guards the carbs in the house.

Credit: Katrina Frank


This peculiar habit of Jakey was recorded and shared on social media by her mum, Katrina Frank. The video went viral and gained a lot of attention from users online.

It started four years ago when Katrina came home and found her dog laying down beside the bread.

“I’ve never thought much of it and I would just thank her for keeping the bread safe and pick it up and move on.” Katrina said. “I’m assuming because we use it so often, she believes it is the most important thing in our house.”

Credit: Katrina Frank


Even though Katrina would try to hide the bread, Jakey always manages to sniff it out and will protect it any time the family leaves.

Jakey’s main priority is bread but she also looks after other carbs in the house such as baked goods and cookies.

There was one incident when Katrina came home and found an empty Tupperware and thought her dog had eaten all the cookies. Gone were her worries when Jakey led her to where he hid all 17 cookies in the house.

And to her surprise, Jakey did not break the cookies at all as she hid them in various spaces.

“She insists on showing me where it is immediately when I arrive home, after I give her her nightly hug, and will not leave it until I pick it up.”

Credit: Katrina Frank


It does not end at just baked goods. Jakey would even find butter and protect it. As these are frequently used items, Katrina believes that Jakey sees these as valuable and hence why she would protect them.

Jakey is such a quirky and lovable dog and Katrina took her new hiding habits as a new normal.

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