Dog sleeping on an old mattress outside an empty house has a real bed now


Dogs are known for their loyalty and this dog, Boo, is no different. After being left behind by his past owners, Boo still stayed on the street with only a discarded dressing table and a mattress.

Credit: Facebook/DetroitYouth&DogRescue


While his neighbour kept him fed, Boo didn’t move from his spot, intending to wait for his masters.

That was when Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth &  Dog Rescue, found the dog and tried to persuade him to leave his old life behind to venture into a new one.

Credit: Facebook/DetroitYouth&DogRescue


It took him two days before succeeding and Boo finally left the street.

Diesel posted the story on Facebook and received positive responses across the country that wanted to help.

Credit: Facebook/DetroitYouth&DogRescue


It resulted in Boo finding a foster home which the owner shares pictures of them cuddling and having a good time.

They also sent pictures of Boo on his new bed which is a big upgrade from his discarded mattress.

Credit: Facebook/DetroitYouth&DogRescue


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