This Adorable Dog Helped Its Owners When They Ran Out Of Toilet Roll


Always refill your toilet roll. Such a simple thing yet there are so many people who find it hard to do so. Just admit it, you’ve done it too.

But not all of us has a hero dog to save us like Sabina.

Credit: Facebook/Ozzy and Co

On April 17, it was a fine day when Sabina from Sherbrooke, Quebec, was using the bathroom and only when she had finished her business did she discovered her horrid situation – she didn’t have any toilet roll.

She shouted to Louis, her boyfriend, for help but he wasn’t able to do anything as he, like her, was busy in another bathroom doing his business.

As Sabina wallows in her despair of not knowing what to do, a brilliant idea pops into Louis’ mind instead.

He called for Ozzy, their 6-year-old Italian Greyhound.


Credit: Facebook/Ozzy and Co

After calling the dog to him, he shouted over to Sabina to call for Ozzy. She did as he said and that’s when she found out what her boyfriend was up to.

Sabina found it hilarious at the sight of Ozzy holding up a toilet roll with a phone charger cable wrapped and tied loosely around his neck.

The woman couldn’t help but whipped out her phone to capture the adorable sight. She posted the picture of Ozzy on their Facebook page, Ozzy and Co, which details their dog’s adventure-filled life.

The photo gained lots of attention in no time, amounting up to 150,000 likes as dog-lovers all over the world share the same amusement with Sabina.

According to, Sabina stated that this was a first.

“The funny thing about my dog is whenever I put something on him, a bandage or whatever, he freezes! But this time, he was such a good boy.” She commented on Ozzy’s behaviour.

Sabina said this was a one-time thing and calling it an emergency. What’s surprising was they didn’t expect it to work on the first try.

Sabina who runs a grocery store with Louis also owns a micro pig and a French Bulldog. They said Ozzy was actually their very first dog and health problems arise in him a lot despite his helpful nature.

“He broke his legs twice as 80% of Italian Greyhounds do, but he runs perfectly!” Sabina told Metro. “Broke his tail, had to remove 14 teeth…has a lot of health issues but I love him.”

The love for him grew even more after Ozzy’s helpful actions. Rest assure, folks. Ozzy got a lot of treats that day as his reward.

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