This Boy Walks 6 miles Up And Down The Street As A Mascot To Earn A Living For His Family


In this world, so many children have to walk through a life full of challenges to earn and support their struggling families.

Perhaps back in the old days, this isn’t so unusual to see as it happens very regularly. However, times have changed as did many aspects such as the economy and technology.

Yet, there are still many cases where children have to give up their childhood and go through hardships to help their families.

Credit: Instagram/Rhmadii_

Same goes for a boy from Indonesia named Rehan.

Rehan is a street performer who has to wear mascots of famous cartoon characters. He has no choice but to walk 10 km/6 miles in the streets under the scorching sun in a suffocating suit to earn some income.

Credit: Instagram/Rhmadii_

The story of Rehan went viral on social media when a person named Rahmadi posted in his Instagram account, @rhmadii_, which tells the story of the daily life of Rehan as he works as a street performer.

The details said the boy had to get up very early in the morning to prepare his costumes and out on the streets to entertain the public around the Jalan Gatot Subroto district, South Kalimantan in Indonesia.

Credit: Instagram/Rhmadii_

It’s so sad to see a little boy doing an adult’s work and bearing the heavy responsibility of carrying his family’s burden who suffers from lack of resources and financial instability.

Rehan took on the task of putting on costumes of well-known cartoon characters such as Dora the Explorer, Upin & Ipin and Spongebob Squarepants.

“The money is quite good.” Rehan says. “You can buy a pack of rice to take home.”

Credit: Instagram/Rhmadii_

During his work, everyone is always so happy to see him as he dresses up as their favourite characters. They would go up to him in smiles and hug him.

However, Rehan had to hold in bitter feelings in his heart and accept the fact that he could not be like the other kids and had to work in order to think about his family’s needs.

Spread the story of Rehan so it could gain awareness and hopefully help lift the plight of the burden from his shoulders.