This dog likes to ride on the cat since they were small – Their Big Difference In Size Now Does Not Affect Their Love For Each Other


Unlikely friendship comes in many forms and stories of cats and dogs bonding together never grow old.

This seems to be the case for Simba, an adorable orange cat, and Thor, a Labrador.

Simba and Thor have known each other since they were little and during then, their sizes were around the same too. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why the two were able to get along so well with each other.

Back then, they were both small and could play with each other without hurting themselves.

However, no one can run from age, not even animals. Soon, Thor grew up to his average Labrador size, leaving Simba in his small state. The dog towered over the cat in only two years.

That didn’t mean it affected their relationship at all. Their sizes did not change their behavior towards on another. The two still remain friends and could care less about their body size difference.

When they were young, Simba was the one who took the role of protecting Thor as he was only a pup. Now the role has been passed on to Thor to take responsibility for keeping Simba out of trouble.

Not only that, Thor used to play with Simba’s tail all the time but now it is the cat’s turn to play with Thor’s tail.

The dog also likes to put his hand on Simba while they both rest and no matter kind of activity or place, the both of them are always seen together.

Living together for several years, it was obvious to anyone’s eyes that Thor and Simba grew up happily and never got bored. They may be adults now, but the bond between them is still tight as ever.

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