Some moments feel too pure for this world. This certainly is true the case of a bonding moment between Dallas police officer, Andre Cloyd and his loyal K9, Zigi. That moment – when the pair was taking selfies together – caught the eyes of Gina Anzaldua Stevenson who was passing through the Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas.

She snapped a few quick shots of the magical interactions between Cloyd and Zigi and posted the shots to Dogspotting Society, a Facebook group for dog lovers to post and share photos of furry friends.

Image Credits: Gina Anzaldu

What captured her attention was not just about the duo taking selfies, but the cop showing each picture to his loyal K9 as if seeking the four-legged partner’s approval!Gina was in awe with how much the pair seemed to love each other.

“I just watched the cop take a series of selfies with his dog and then stop to show him each one,” she wrote.

The photos quickly went viral, gaining nearly 60,000 likes and about 47,000 shares with dog lovers expressing the amazing bond between the officer and his K9.

Image Credits: Gina Anzaldu

Being the dog lover that he is, Cloyd came across the photos on Facebook not long after. He was amused that so many people were touched by the selfies, so he decided to make a post of his own. He ended up sharing the selfies he took in the same Facebook group.

Image Credits: Andre Cloyd

“Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!” posted Cloyd.With the message, he attached three selfies of him with Zigi, a 3 ½-year-old German shepherd.

Adjusting to their sudden fame after becoming the subjects of a viral internet post,Cloyd created a Facebook page for Zigi fans.

Image Credits: Andre Cloyd

He hopes his viral fame could be a step forward in fostering better police and community relations.

Cloyd, who has been with the Dallas Police Department for 11 years, considers Zigi to be more than a partner, likening him to a son. The officer says he takes selfies with Zigi often, which is just one of many perks of their work together.

Image Credits: Andre Cloyd

“The best part of being a K-9 officer is having a partner who is literally willing to do anything, as long as he is with you. The bond and focus we have both working and off-duty is priceless,” Cloyd says

The officer posted an update on Facebook saying he has “briefed” Zigi on all the attention, writing, “Even though Zigi is highly trained, he hasn’t quite mastered reading yet.”

What a cool police officer! And as for Zigi, the handsome canine is certainly not basking in “stardom”. He knows that he is a lucky pup because even though he has to work hard, Cloyd still gives him the love he deserves.