No cash, no problem – Beggars in China now accept cashless payments


Gone are the days when beggars carry containers to collect small changes from generous strangers. Apparently, beggars in China now accept cashless donations through QR code payment!

That was what Facebook user Fazil Irwan discovered when some of his friends went for dinner in China when they came across the beggar.

“It so happened that some of our friends went for dinner and a beggar on the road asked for money,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

According to Fazil, while he was amazed about how almost everything is paid through mobile transfer or cashless payment in the country, he did not expect the beggars to go cashless as well.

“One of our friends told the beggar that she didn’t have cash,” Fazil wrote.

To their surprise, the beggar later told his friend that she could donate through mobile transfer!

“And that’s what she did!” Fazil wrote, indicating that his friend had no choice but to make a donation to the beggar.

Fazil’s post has garnered 24,000 likes and over 3,000 comments by netizens who were equally surprised at how updated the beggars community in China with technology.

It may seem like a surprising incident but beggars accepting online transactions is apparently not a new thing in China.

According to China Daily, local beggars in the country have gone tech-savvy and embraced cashless payments as more and more people choose to use e-wallet and go cashless nowadays.

So, if you ever have a plan to visit China, you might want to consider carrying small changes in your pocket. Otherwise, you will have no excuse if you bump into them on the streets!