Loyal dog is still waiting for its owner in the same spot at the hospital even months after his COVID-19 death


Dog has always been a loyal companion to human and this seven-year-old dog called Xiao Bao in Wuhan, China is no exception.

Remember the famous loyal dog Hachiko who waited for its owner in the same spot years after his death?

Xiao Bao heartwrenching story started when its owner was admitted to Wuhan Taikang hospital after getting symptoms of COVID-19.

As Xiao Bao patiently waiting, the owner unfortunately left the world because of Wuhan virus

However, Xiao Bao is unaware that its owner is no longer in this world, so the poor dog keeps on waiting and waiting.

Xiao Bao waited for over three months after the death of its owner and still waiting for its owner in the same spot – in front of the hospital’s convenience store. The staff of the hospital has dropped the dog far away from the place before but he came back and keep waiting in the same spot.

As Xiao Bao refused to leave the spot, it was fed by the convenience store owner named Wu Cuifen.

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“Sometimes when I go out, the dog will lie down at the door to help me keep an eye of the shop, or it will sit at the door to guard it. It just seems like it’s helping me look after the shop,” said Wu.

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Wu also expressed his desire to find a new home for Xiao Bao, but said that the dog didn’t want to follow any of them and would always come back to the same spot on its own.

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Wu can also tell that Xiao Bao is still looking for its owner even after months because it keeps on smelling the customers that come to the shop to see if it can trace any smell of its owner.

Wu finally decided to call over Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association to take Xiao Bao so that the poor dog can have a new place it can call home.

After 30 minutes of persuading Xiao Bao, the team finally get hold of the dog as it initially seems quite scared to be approached by people it’s not familiar with.

Hopefully, Xiao Bao will get to meet its new family and new home very soon.

Credit: Twitter