Adorable cat brings shoes to its owner every single day to show gratitude


We often hear people say that animals have feelings too and this one cat definitely proves that it’s not only the feeling of love but also gratitude. 

Two years ago, the life of this adorable Maine Coon cat named Lulu changed overnight after being adopted by a loving family.

Lulu who used to be in a pet care center now has a place it can call home.

Credit: Instagram

As Lulu is taking its time to familiarize itself with the new environment after a few months of adoption, the cute cat seems to develop some kind of ‘daily ritual’.

Realizing that its owner likes to wear shoes in the house right after she wakes up from sleep, Lulu will pick up the shoes from wherever the shoes were left the day before to bring it closer to its owner.

Lulu will go get the shoes wherever it is.

Credit: Instagram

As Lulu can only lift and carry the shoes with its small mouth, the cute cat has to travel twice to pick up both of its owner’s favorite shoes.

Credit: Instagram

“My mother (Lulu’s owner) was shocked at first. I didn’t believe it too until we managed to get Lulu’s daily routine captured on camera. Lulu seems like it wants to take really good care of my mother probably because my mother takes really good care of it too,” said Kayla, the daughter to Lulu’s owner.

That face definitely shows how Lulu is trying its best to lift the shoes.

Credit: Instagram

We can never really sure what Lulu did what it did, but it clearly shows the feeling of love and gratitude in its heart.

Such an adorable and reliable cat! Visit Lulu’s Instagram account if you can’t get enough of this little kitty.

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