Dog goes back to burned house and sleeps on the same spot everyday, waiting for its owner to come back


Ddol, a street dog in Seoul, has a burn mark on one of its legs and often seen chasing a car on the street. The people living near the road are familiar with the scene and said that Ddol was just checking if its owner is somewhere in any of the cars. After some time, Ddol will go back to a place looking like a burnt house.

Ddol often checks on cars to see it its owner is there.

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Ddol goes back to this burned house.

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It turned out that Ddol was unable to meet its owner after their house was caught on fire some time ago. Ddol used to live in that house with its owner and a grandmother who had Alzheimer. However, the grandmother recently passed away and Ddol’s owner went missing after the fire.

Ddol used to live with its owner for seven years but Ddol is now left alone. But he keeps on coming back to the house, waiting for its owner.

He painfully waits for its owner in tears and sleeps on the same spot every single day.

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When looked into the place where Ddol wails and cries, it turns out that there was the owner’s pants. Ddol must’ve missed him so much.

After inquiring about the owner from the town hall, it turns out that the owner experienced second-degree burn and is currently staying at a hospital in Seoul since the house was completely destroyed by fire.

The team looked for Ddol owner at the hospital and managed to meet him.

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They showed him a video of Ddol and he can’t help to burst in tears upon seeing how miserable Ddol is living without him.

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So the team later set a trap using Ddol’s owner’s pants and voice to caught Ddol and rescue it.

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Ddol was brought to a vet and luckily he’s injury was not as bad as expected. During the recovery process, Ddol refused to eat as the vet stated that Ddol is more hurt emotionally rather than physically.

Ddol’s owner’s voice was once again used to help Ddol eat, and it works!

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After both Ddol and its owner is a better condition, they finally met in a touching reunion. Thanks to the hospital, the owner gets to make a temporary home for Ddol and places it in the hospital backyard!

The owner is preparing Ddol’s new house!

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Before the reunion, the owner thought that Ddol might have forgotten him, but no it didn’t! Ddol excitedly jumps to its owner while the owner is in tears after not meeting his best buddy after so long.

After both of the discharged from the hospital, many people turned up to help this loving family.

The owner now has a new house and Ddol has a new house too!

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May they live happily ever after!

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