Rescuers discovered an unhealthy mother dog but she only wanted to protect what she loved the most, her puppy


Mothers always want the best for their children, but oftentimes we see mother cats or dogs choose unsuitable place to care for their kittens or puppies –  forcing the animal rescuers to save them before anything bad happens to them.

One day, an animal rescue team noticed that there was a puppy in the dump tunnel on the side of the road. However, every time they try to approach the place, the rescuers will hear a dog barking – not allowing anyone to get close to the puppy.

Assuming that the barking dog would be the mother, the team began to carefully observe the situation to find out the real condition that these animals are living and what can they do to help.

They found out that the mother dog is unhealthy and in poor condition.

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It turns out that the mother dog looked like it is hurting somewhere though it tries to do everything possible to give its best attention and love for its puppy.

The mother dog even played with its puppy but it was clear that the mother dog really needed some help.

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The team later succeeded in catching the puppy and using it as a trap to lure the mother out of its hiding place. Their plan was a success and they managed to catch the mother dog. As they examined the mother dog, they realized that it has a large and deep wound on its neck that prevented it from having a normal life and answers why it is always on edge when people trying to get near.

The mother dog is deeply wounded on its neck.

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The wound believed to have caused by a rope tied to its body, hence the team concluded that the mother dog might belong to several families before living in the dump tunnel.

The mother dog was then separated from its puppy for several weeks in order for the whole recovery process to be executed so that its neck injury can heal and it will regain confidence in humans again.

It’s normal for a dog to be scarred by this kind of event but it will reunite with its puppy again very soon

Credit: YouTube

Get well soon, mother dog!

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