Adorable kitten in Japan gains attention after having unusual and cute ‘sitting-cat’ mark on its nose


Without any special traits, cats already win our hearts for their lovely look and cute behavior. But this one cat recently caught our attention for its simple but unusual condition.

A Twitter user named @TOKAITRICK_bot shared on his account how this kitten has a very unique mark on its nose.

At first, it looks like there’s nothing unique with any of the cats here. 


But this one cat with a mark on its nose it special.


At first glance, it looks like there’s nothing special about the mark and looks just like any other cat we’ve met before. However, when looked closely, the mark on the kitten’s nose actually resembles a cat! The stain actually looks a lot like a sitting black cat.

It’s like a kitten resting on another kitten’s nose!

Credit: @TOKAITRICK_bot

Looking at the picture, a lot of people reacted on this funny and cute discovery, saying how the cat has a very charming color and looks very cute with its special stain on its nose.

The cat-looking mark on its nose makes this cat looks even cuter!

The mark definitely makes the little kitty looks cuter than ever!

Watch the video here: