Heroic dog fought with a snake to protect his family until breathing to his last breath


Dogs are the epitome of loyalty. Once they have your trust and love, they would do anything to protect you and your family from danger.

Chiko was one such dog that proved his loyalty, albeit in a rather unfortunate way.

Chiko’s owner shared a devastating story of her beloved dog fighting with a venomous snake to save her family members. Located in Bintulu, Sarawak, Alice Minggu shared the post of how the dog eventually killed the snake, but didn’t make it alive himself.

In a post posted on May 17, Alice Sunday shared that her pet dog, Chiko, had died in the porch, next to her car after killing the snake. 

“He fought until the snake died and immediately moved to our car’s front yard and took his last breath,” Alice wrote.

In fact, he said Chiko didn’t want to get out from under the car even after being called many times, probably because he didn’t want the owner to feel sad about losing him afterwards.

Alice told a local newspaper that when the incident happened, her family tried to get Chiko away from the snake but Chiko insisted to put up with the fight.

Alice and her family, who witnessed the struggle, were really sad to see what happened to their beloved dog.

After all, after 6 years of caring for Chiko, no one could have imagined that this tragic incident would end with Chiko, the faithful dog giving up his life to save his human family.

“Many people claim that Chiko is a very aggressive dog but last night Chiko saved us. Unfortunately we were unable to rescue him,” Alice wrote.

“(Chiko) really is our best dog. You will always be in our hearts, Chiko. We hope to meet again in a better place,” Alice added.

Netizens were utterly moved by Chiko’s heroic act and extended their kind words and condolences to Alice.

Aggressive or not, dogs sometimes have the best intentions for their humans and will not give up until they make sure they are safe from danger.