Garfield the ginger cat helped heal this 6yo boy’s broken heart after he lost his beloved pet


Jonathan’s family has had a cat that has been cared for since he was a baby. The cat, a tubby named Charlie, took care of him since he was a baby.

Over time, they developed a special unbreakable bond. They did everything together and became inseparable.

When Jonathan was 6, unfortunately, Charlie passed away. Charlie was 15 years old. The family was very sad, especially Jonathan, who lost his first best friend whom he played, ate and slept together with.

After Charlie’s death, Jonathan often asked his mother to adopt another cat, but his mother still had no confidence in caring for other cats especially after losing Charlie.

One day, five months after Charlie’s passing, Jonathan received a surprise visit from a street cat who reminded him of Charlie.

That day, the two played together for up to 1 hour! The cat then left, leaving Jonathan without a friend once again.

Surprisingly, two days later, the same cat had come back to Jonathan’s house. Jonathan was thrilled beyond words.

“The first day Jonathan met this beautiful furry cat, they both fell in love. The cat let my child hold her and kiss her immediately. My son is obviously very happy, just like all of us, ” said Jonathan’s mother, Valerie.

The cat began visiting Jonathan everyday, and they would play for hours on end. Until one day, the cat no longer came every day.

Valerie, concerned about the cat’s possible condition on the street, took the initiative to contact the cat’s owner, if any. She put a collar  belt with a pendant that had messages on either side.

One side of the pendant says “I love your cat” , while the other side says “please contact me if this is your cat” along with her phone number.

Shortly after, Valerie received a call from  a 69 year old neighbor who extended her gratitude for welcoming and caring for Garfield, the name given to the cat.

Garfield’s owner said the cat had come to his house more than 10 years ago as a street cat and enjoys wandering outdoors besides chilling in the house.

After learning that Jonathan’s family really liked Garfield, the owner also gladly allowed them to take care of Garfield with him. In other words, Garfield now has a foster family!

In the end, Valerie is finally convinced to take care of her new pet, and Jonathan has new friend to play with.