Reversed image sequences of firefighters rescuing a cat from coconut tree makes it seems like putting a cat on a tree!


Being a firefighter is one of the more dangerous jobs out there. These people risk their lives facing not just blazing fires,but various other situations as well. This includes animal rescue, cases in which the fire department is called upon to rescue animals that are stuck or stranded at unlikely places.

Recently in Malaysia, firefighters were called to rescue a cat trapped on a very tall coconut tree. The mission was a success, but the images taken during the moment were the current laugh stock of Twitter town.

The fun began when a Twitter user @AkuTweetFakta uploaded three pieces of the mission to praise the firefighters effort as well as the cat’s mischief climbing up such a tall tree. However intentionally or not, the pictures were uploaded in reverse order.

Instead of  a cat rescue, the images gave out a story of  the firefighters deliberately taking a white fluffy cat and putting it up on the tree!

The first picture shows a firefighter climbing the ladder, grabbing the cat from his fellow colleague, followed by a picture showing him moving up the ladder and the last picture showing the cat on a coconut tree!

How amusing!

The inverted picture arrangement made netizens entertained and  they began sharing the post with a variety of jokes.

As of this entry, this post has received more than 4,500 likes, more than 2,500 retweets and 97 comments from a thoroughly humored crowd.

“Why are they putting the cat up on the tree?” was the most common comment.

“This is why order and arrangement is important when it comes to conveying a message,” snided another.

“I hope people get the joke and don’t blame the firefighters for doing their job wrongly,” read a thoughtful message.

Either way, these unassuming images was straight up a comedic masterpiece that made everyone laugh. Thanks to the firefighters for putting their lives out on the frontline, and for the giggles.