Sad dog found living in a pile of garbage by the road side found a new home, turned out to be a cheerful, loving creature


There was a certain sadness in his brown eyes. Maybe it was due to the terrible condition of the place he took shelter. Perhaps he had a troubled past.

Unsure of what it was, rescue team Doggie Bonez rushed to a makeshift dumpyard in an industrial area upon receiving a call regarding an abandoned dog that was seen frequenting the place.

Upon arriving, they realized how bad the place is for anyone, let alone a dog. There he was, sitting on a pile of garbage, in a corner in the middle of a busy lane.

Even at the time they were there, the team noticed cars actively passing by without knowing there is a dog lying in the corner. The dog could get into accident and end up in bad shape if any driver were not careful.

Worried that he might be injured, they tried to get the brown dog to move by feeding him a hamburger.

They put their ‘Lucky Leash’ around his neck  and slowly brought the sandwich closer to his nose. He looked up and hesitated a few minutes, before caving in to his hunger and slowly walked towards the rescuer.

It didn’t take him long to devour every last bit of the sandwich. Chico, the name given to the docile dog afterwards, was still quite nervous to leave the ‘safe place’ he had made for himself amidst the trash.

The rescuer then had to carry him into his arms and bring him into the car nearby. Chico’s vet result came out clean, except for signs of malnourishment and depression.

He even had a collar belt on, with no microchip to be found unfortunately. Chico was then given a fresh bath, which seemed like all he needed to unleash his inner good boy.

He jumped around playfully and was later found to be extremely smart and loving around  humans. All the time spent on the garbage dump didn’t strip away his cheerful personality.

Thankfully, Chico became a part of  caring family shortly after. He found his forever safe place and is living his best life yet.