Sweet dog joins his 3yo best friend during a punishment timeout so he doesn’t have to do it alone


It’s normal for parents to take disciplinary measures when their child is not behaving well. But this punishment by a mother in Norwalk, Ohio to her 3-year-old son turns into the cutest scene ever.

After the 3-year-old Peyton was picking a fight her 5-year-old sister Ryleigh, their mother Jillian Marie Smith decided to punish him. She gave him two options – either to stay in his room or put himself in the corner for a timeout. Peyton chose the second option.

However, when Peyton was quietly serving his timeout at the corner, the family’s English mastiff, Dash had quietly joined Peyton in the corner. Peyton who seemed to understand that Dash came to keep him company wrapped his arm around the dog to show his appreciation for accompanying him during his punishment.

Smith saw this comforting scene by chance and decided to quickly take a picture.

“When you’re in time out but your best pal won’t let you serve your time alone,” wrote Smith in her caption on Facebook.

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“It turns out that I had my cell phone with me so I took this photo,” told Smith to Good Morning America.

“I couldn’t stay angry for long because the way Peyton put his arm on Dash was too cute. When Peyton was facing the wall as a punishment, I think Dash knew he needed his best friend,” said Smith.

Dash has been with Peyton ever since the boy was 3 months old and never stop bringing joy to the family ever since.

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These two are so close that even when Peyton takes his bath, Dash will stand right next to the tub – watching.

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Peyton even greets his dog buddy after school by calling out – “Dash, I’m home!”

Smith also mentioned how she will look for the dog if she can’t find her son.

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They’re always together.

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When Peyton has to go out, he says to Dash, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” Do not be sad. ” And when he returned, Peyton immediately inform his best friend, saying: ” The brother, I’m back! I miss you so much! ”

Peyton often plays disguise games with Dash.

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“Peyton will wear a superhero costume and he will play fight scene with Dash. I don’t think Dash understands what’s going on, but he just allows Peyton to do whatever he wants,” said Smith.

They have the best friendship ever!