Mini car that runs on electrical energy has been introduced in Malaysian market for only around USD3,200


Electric cars are a great initiative to reduce carbon emissions produced by vehicles that leads to severe pollution. They come with a list of benefits but with one downside, a hefty selling price.

Due to the limited production and exclusive technology incorporated in  electric cars, they are often marketed at a higher price than the average. However, there’s a new mini electric car line being introduced in Malaysia that is apparently easy on the pocket as well.

The EV X2 is a China-produced vehicle that packs interesting features for a starting price of RM13,800 (around US$3188). With a lightweight design and eco-friendly green technology, users can buy for as low as RM160 (US$37) per month installment.

Credit: My Food & News Channel

The car is perfect for a small family and working adults as it can only fit up to 2 people. It requires 5  hours of charging for a 80% energy upgrade. For optimum energy usage, a little over 8 hours of charging is needed, which can be used to travel up to 120 kilometres.

The front and rear lights are equipped with LED, and comes with two ECO optional modes to choose from. Rear camera and parking radar are also included, among other features.

In addition, there’s a full 6.2 inch LCD instrument design that provides three theme replacements.

Credit: My Food & News Channel

However, the review with Vehicle Type Verification Division (VTA), Road Transport Department (JPJ), they are yet to receive any application. This model has not been given any VTA approval to be on the road for the time being.

This makes the EV X2 illegal to be driven on the road for now since no insurance coverage is provided.

Credit: My Food & News Channel

Many people have given positive feedback the model’s introduction in the local market, however it is best to review the pros and cons before proceeding to purchase it.