Remember Samantha? The ‘I Am Legend’ fame is now 13 years old, still well and active


Will Smith fans will surely remember the movie ‘I Am Legend’. The movie, released in 2007, centered around a man who was trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world with his sidekick ‘Samantha’.

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For those of you who know, Samantha was the German Shepherd who was the main character, Robert Neville’s loyal companion. She was fondly called Sam in the movie, and was praised for her stellar performance and protection over the actor.

If you’re wondering if the rest of the news will bear unsavory news about the dog, worry not. It’s quite the opposite honestly. We thought this would the best time to bring your attention back to Abbey, Samantha’s real name and her wellbeing.

The now 13-year-old dog lives with her trainer, Steve Berens.

Credit: peekme

According to Steve, Abbey has compromised hearing and is quite aged for her breed. However, she still remains active, and enjoys playing fetch with him.

Recalling the ‘I Am Legend’ filming days, Steve mentioned that Abbey was initially very nervous. It took some time before she got comfortable with the people and environment and eventually gave the unforgettable performance for her character.

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He also added that Will Smith was extremely nice to her, treating her like a fellow colleague rather than a prop on the movie.

“He always too time to play with her, to get to know her and understand her. He’s amazing!” exclaimed Steve.

Credit: peekme

Apparently, Will even asked if he could adopt Abbey to be his pet, not once, not twice, but every chance he got. However, Steve’s undying affection towards Abbey didn’t allow him to give her away.

Till date, Abbey’s presence in the movie will be an everlasting cinematic moment for many. Their on-screen chemistry is unmatched, and they complemented each other’s character well that it continued long after the movie ended.