Deaf and blind dog stayed by the side of a missing girl for 17 hours and helped the rescue team find her


Aurora is a 3 year-old girl from Queensland, Australia who went missing one evening on April 20th. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, but when she went missing, her family dog, Max was with her.

Once her family was alerted of her missing, they immediately reached the nearest police station to seek their help. Right away, a 100-person volunteers team were dispatched from the State Emergency Service (SES) together with the police and the public on a search mission to rescue Aurora.

The toddler was believed to have gone missing in Cherry Gully, 30 kilometres south of Warwick.

17  hours of relentless search later, Aurora was found the following morning by the team of volunteers. A family friend, Kelly Benston, notified the media that a few volunteers heard Aurora’s voice coming from the direction of the mountain top.

When they followed the voice, they first saw Max, who later lead them to Aurora.

Queensland Police Service/Facebook

Max was a 17 year-old Border Collie who was deaf and partially blind. He was accompanying the little girl all night, making sure she was safe and unharmed out in the unknown.

Aurora sustained a minor bruise and was returned home safely.

Queensland Police Service/Facebook

Despite his disabilities, Max had protected his little human in an unfamiliar terrain and never left her side until help arrived.

Due to his act of protection, he became the first dog to receive the honorary police dog award in Queensland.

Queensland Police Service/Facebook

In their official statement, the police extended their gratitude to the volunteers and public who came together to rescue Aurora as far as 2 kilometres away from their homes.

Kudos, Max!