Tourist couple bought a meal for a poor boy, touched to find out he fed it to his little sister instead


Most countries in Asia are still under the ‘developing nations’ category, reflecting populations where a huge fraction of them are well below the average economic threshold, living hand to mouth on a day to day basis.

Similarly, in Philippines, there are reportedly 3.8 million underprivileged families. In main cities such as Manila, unsupervised children can be seen roaming the streets asking for alms from the public. Some try their hand at selling souvenirs to make just enough money to buy them lunch.

Geo Tolentino Roger and John Benedict Ringor are a foreign couple who were travelling in the Philippines when they had a personal experience with the situation.

They were passing by a local fast food chain, Jolibee when they witnessed a boy begging on the streets nearby.

Being in the country for some time, they were aware of the situation. Geo and John knew that giving them money wouldn’t help much.

Conveniently, the fast food restaurant was right next door, so they went in and bought a meal for him.

When they approached the boy to give him the food, he accepted it without any hesitation. Though instead of eating it, he sped off from the place without any trace. Thinking that he was probably too shy to eat in front of them, Geo and John continued their journey.

Much to their surprise, they came across the boy shortly after. This time, he wasn’t alone. A skinny little girl was sitting next to him, watching with utter focus at the food package laid in front of her. She looked on patiently as the boy, her brother, opened the package.

With the most genuine smile on his face, he scooped up the food in his hand and lovingly fed his sister first. The couple stayed on, watching the beautiful bond between the siblings. The boy continued feeding the little girl, barely having any food left for him.

It didn’t seem to matter to him though. The fuller his sister got, the happier he was.

Geo and John immediately decided that they should document the pure moment. It goes without saying that the video received a great amount of positive response.

Especially during difficult times like this, it makes you reflect on the importance of sustaining a good relationship with family. Even hardships can be easily tackled if you are surrounded with selfless love and selfless people.