Survey reveals women find men with dad bods more attractive than men with six packs


Although popular culture conforms to the stereotype that women generally prefer muscular men with strong builds, recent surveys have made a shocking revelation that ‘dad bods’ are more attractive to women than muscular men, and some women are even proud of their partners’ fleshy torsos.

According to the research carried out by fitness company Planet Fitness, men’s perception of muscle cravings seems to be outdated. This updated information is certainly more beneficial for men who like to enjoy a glass or two of beer when watching football matches.

Out of 2,000 women inquired, 70% thought that men who were 10 kg fatter than the standard figure were more attractive. The survey also found that 78% of women think that slightly fat men are more confident in their skin, and four-fifths of their mothers are proud to marry them to a man with a “dad figure”.


Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

Although the data shows that fat men are more attractive and however unconvincing this may sound, there are actually some scientific explanations to this discovery. Richard Bribiescas, an anthropology professor at Yale University, explained that fat men attain their chunky physique due to the decline of testosterone.

If you think this is bad news, hold up. This reaction in turn creates a better immune system, which means that slightly fat men may have prolonged longevity than average sized men.

Women find men with dad bods are more attractive

Professor Babiskas mentioned that because of their body shape, men with dad bods are more inclined to buy loose pants, which will help create a more favorable environment for sperm hence resulting in improved fertility.

Therefore, women in their subconscious mind will be of impression that heavier men are more capable of making babies and becoming better fathers. Looking at this perspective, it makes much more sense to allow the results of the data rightful validation.

So lads, quit hitting the metal bars and go to actual bars instead. Dad bods are the new wave and you ought to hope in on the bandwagon.