Princess Sofia of Swedish royal family joins the frontliners to fight against COVID-19 pandemic


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve heard a lot of amazing stories of amazing people trying to break the chain of the pandemic just so we can get back to our normal routines.

Recently, Princess Sofia of the Swedish royal family decided to leave her royal commission to join the health workers at the hospital and fight the pandemic together. Princess Sofia joins the frontline at the Sophiahemmet hospital after completing a three-day medical course at Sophiahemmet University College.

Princess Sofia is an honorary chair member of Sophiahemmet University College.

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The Duchess of Värmland is now able to assist the workforce in battling the infection, which has so far killed almost 3,000 people in Sweden and infected more than 22,300 people. Princess Sofia has volunteered to serve as a health assistant at a hospital in Stockholm.

She is married to Prince Carl Philip, son of King Carl Gustaf.

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Princess Sofia shares the news of her joining the hospital on her official Instagram page with a picture of a health worker’s uniform and ID tag she received as she finished her training.

The princess shares this photo on her social media account.

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“I am currently assigned to one of the hospital treatment departments, along with other newly trained colleagues, and I support and assist health staff with various tasks, including care of patients and cleaning. Having the opportunity to help in these difficult times is very rewarding,” said the beautiful princess.

According to a spokesperson for the hospital, the mother-of-two will assist doctors and nurses with tasks such as disinfecting medical equipment, morning cleaning sessions, and tasks in the hospital kitchen.

“As a royal patron of Sophiahemmet since 2016, Princess Sofia wants to help with the crisis that Sweden is currently experiencing,” said Margareta Thorgren, director of information at the royal palace.

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Before marrying Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia worked as a model and co-founder of Project Playground, a nonprofit that provides South African children with education, sports, and arts programs, psychological support, and meals. She has no background in the medical industry.

With such amazing efforts, Princess Sofia is definitely an inspiration to us all!