Japan whips up DIY inventions to prevent spread of coronavirus among people who go to work


With COVID-19 pandemic continuing to pose threats worldwide, Japan has announced declaration of emergency all over the nation. While most of its citizens are working from their homes, there are still a large number of people who have to leave their house to get their work done.

As inevitable this is, the risk that comes with it is undeniable. To tackle the issue of potential infection among those who work in offices during the lockdown, Japan has come up with a few strangely innovative measures.

This basically looks like a transparent dollhouse, minus the roof and the furniture.

The driver’s partition in Nagasaki Electric Railway is covered with plastic curtains, as well as the cash counters in convenient stores.

Behold the ‘Totori Office System’, strategically placed cardboards and plastic sheets provide the best barriers between the employees and customers.

Another version of the ‘Totori Office System’ used just a large sheet of cardboard to make a free-standing ‘wall’ with a small window cut out in the middle to ease communication between two parties.

One drastic measure was seen in the lifts of public buildings, where someone was kind enough to install styrofoam boards covered with dense toothpicks and a disposal cup below them. 

Each person who uses the lift is required to press the buttons using the toothpick, and later throw it away into the cup. Innovative yes, but it is not entirely foolproof.

If someone were to cough or sneeze on the board, all of the toothpicks will be a contact point for infection.

As crazy and unconventional these ideas seem, it sure helps lessen the risk of spread of COVID-19. Never try, never know, right?