Highway closed down by cops to help a herd of 50 elephants cross road safely in Thailand


Since many people are staying indoors in attempts to protect themselves during this difficult time, animals have been seen to roam freely on the streets and returning to their natural habitats.

Adding to the list of animal spectacles is the road-crossing of a large herd of elephants in Thailand.

Wildlife officers in Chachoengsao, Thailand have been closely following some 50 elephants who have been trekking through a nearby jungle for a few continuous days. What was initially thought to be a common practice among elephant herds saw an unexpected turn.

The officers realized that the elephants were about to cross a busy highway as part of their trail. With little time on their hand, they quickly alerted the police team for that region and discussed the necessary measures.

Within hours, police officers arrived at the point of crossing and ordered for the road to be shut down to aid the movement of the mammals.

The never-seen-before event was filmed by Pratya Chutipat Sakul, one of the dozens of locals who gathered at either side of the road to witness the spectacular moment. They were mesmerized and couldn’t help but whip out their gadgets to document the scene happening before their eyes.

It was a beautiful sight as both adult and baby elephants stride on the road, side by side making sure the herd remains intact and is following the trail accordingly. They seemed completely unaffected by the presence of humans around them.

The herd maintained a calm pace and eventually disappeared into the other part of the jungle, continuing their journey accompanied by the wildlife officers.

“Nobody minds waiting for the elephants, as the most important thing is that they’re safe,” explained Pratya.