Heroic dog fights with armed kidnapper to save his little human


Dogs are truly a blessing to our lives. Not only do they shower us with unconditional love and loyalty, they can be our mood boosters when we are dealing with difficult emotions and need a pick-me-up.

It is well known that dogs are not only human-friendly, they are also capable of protecting us at times of danger.

A Facebook user by the name Vu Hung uploaded a CCTV footage about the brave gestures of a dog that received over 5,000 reactions.

Based on the video uploaded, a large black dog was seen sitting in the porch with a girl, before a man appears out of nowhere, opening the gate and entering the house.

In just matter of seconds, the man quickly ran towards the girl and picked her up, possibly intending to kidnap the child. The dog, who had been watching this event unravel in front of him, got up in a flash and charged towards the man.

Things escalated quickly when the man was seen holding an object that resembled a rifle or shotgun. The girl was evidently terrified but the dog started attacking the man by biting his wrist. However, the man was still holding on the girl using the other hand.

The dog persisted, never letting go of the kidnapper’s arm, until he eventually got tired and released the girl from his embrace and letting go of the gun as well.

Still unwilling to give up, the man was  trying to get his hands off the dog’s bite but it was too late. He took off in pain, and the girl was safe, thanks to the dog’s brave act.

Dogs are naturally equipped with instincts to detect danger and act accordingly when such a situation arises.

Especially when it comes to children, they are particularly protective and defensive, making sure their lives are safe in  their paws.

Gepostet von Vũ Hùng am Montag, 30. März 2020