Turkey government thoughtfully provides food and drinks to all street animals during COVID-19


Over the past few months, COVID-19 CCP Coronavirus has spread widely throughout the world and cost many lives. In order to break the virus chain, many countries have begun to take preventive measures such as the Movement Control Order (MCO), Circuit Breaker or national lockdown.

Due to this, many premises were forced to cease operations and the public was asked to remain indoors to prevent further outbreaks of the deadly pandemic. However, many animals such as stray dogs and cats or even monkeys that live in the cities would experience shortage of food supply because of significant decrease of human and tourist activities.

With less human activities outside of the house, these animals didn’t get as much food as they used to.

Credit: Peekme

Realizing this, the Turkish government has taken the initiative by directing the authorities to feed the street animals. Food and clean water supply will be provided in certain areas such as parks, gardens and animal shelters so that the animals won’t be starving.

The government ordered the street animals to be fed so they won’t get hungry.

Credit: YouTube

They stray cats are enjoying their meal of the day.

Credit: YouTube

Besides the law enforcement officials, the public and veterinarians also help to provide assistance with feeding and vaccinating the animals for free.

Credit: YouTube

Thanks to this loving gesture towards the street animals, Turkey is receiving positive reactions from all over the world.

Previously, Turkey received worldwide praise for its government action that allowed street animals to sleep in the store at night during the winter months. There are also recycling machines that will produce free dog and cat food every time we insert recyclable material into the machine.

Not to forget, fishes in the pond need food too!

Credit: Peekme

All these efforts taken by Turkey really proves that the Turkish government always has animal welfare at heart.