Puppy spent a year sitting on rocks by the sea waiting for his owners to return


Noorung was the beloved pet of a fisherman couple who lived by the sea in South Korea. Due to the nature of their work, they would travel to nearby islands to try their luck catching some fish. Noorung would follow them on every one of their trips, making sure no harm comes by his owners.

Unfortunately, the puppy’s life was about to take an unexpected turn. His owners were quite aged, and they were becoming more ill by the day. They needed medical assistance but none was available nearby the area they lived.

Then one day, they decided that they should move to a place with accessible medical facilities, which was farther away from their current home. So they left, devastated that they had to leave Noorung behind as they knew they wouldn’t be able to take care of him at the new place.

What happened next was incredible. Every single day, without fail, the hopeful puppy would go to the shores of the rocky island, awaiting the return of his owners. 

The sways of the ocean and the strong breeze didn’t bother him, he was so used to the sea.

Soon enough, his trips to the sea side stopped. Not because he realized his fate, but because he stayed on at the island, amidst the large rocks. Residents of the island started noticing Noorung and were concerned for him.

They would try to leave some food and drink behind and walk away so that he could eat, because as soon as he sees someone approaching him, he runs away in fear. This went for one long year.

Things started getting worse when dogs from the neighborhood would come around and start attacking him.

He would try as much as he could but it was becoming a serious issue, and the residents had to inform his former owners of his condition.

They were clearly heartbroken upon hearing the news, but there wasn’t much they could do. They decided that Noorung should be rescued and brought to the vet.

Officials trying to rescue Noorung but he runs away

Knowing that he wouldn’t like people’s presence around him, they shot him with tranquilizer and managed to bring him over to a nearby veterinary center. Much to the vet’s surprise, Noorung was in prime condition, his health was good and he didn’t sustain any injuries.

Once he recovered, one of the neighbours decided to provide him shelter. They had prepared a comfy kennel for him, and made sure he was well fed and loved.

For the time being, the puppy was put on chain as they were afraid he might go back to the island if he was left to roam free.

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Noorung is a very loyal dog that touched our hearts. We hope that Noorung was able to find love and trust again with his new owner.

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