Generous 9-year-old emptied his savings accounts to buy supplies and donate to the homeless shelter


A 9-year-old is usually busy spending their time watching YouTube, and Nathan Simons from Rock Island, Illinois is no exception. But there’s one difference between Nathan and the children his age – he wanted to help the homeless after watching videos on YouTube.

Nathan’s father, Ethan Simons says that he worries that Nathan watches too many videos on YouTube, but one day his son wanted to donate to the homeless after watching YouTubers donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to homeless shelters.

“I told my dad a couple of hours later when I got done watching the video – I want to do what they did,” says the fourth-grader.

Simons was hesitant at first when his son came up to him saying that he wanted to take all the money out of his savings account and so something for someone else.

“There was part of me that almost wanted me to talk him out of him. But what kind of lesson am I teaching him if I tell him – No, you shouldn’t be selfless,” told Simons.

So he decided to match his son’s donation dollar for dollar and help Nathan withdrew his savings from the past 18 months at a local back.

Nathan gets in touch with his local shelter and asked for a list of items that they needed, before withdrawing $150 from his savings account.

He shoes, gloves, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce as requested by the shelter and even some treats such as pop and cookie cakes too.

Credit: WQAD8

“It feels good. I wish I could have it myself, but I have to think about other people sometimes. It makes me feel happy and proud of myself. It’s just hard to give it away sometimes. But I’m thinking…about other people,” says Nathan.

After checking out and loading up the trunk of the car, Nathan and his father headed off to Christian Care to deliver their surprise.

“You know you’re doing an awesome thing, right? You’re helping a lot of people,” said Christian Care Development Coordinator, Cindi Gramenz to Nathan.

“At nine years old, to be feeling that kind of compassion for the work we do and for what’s going on in his community is pretty amazing,” added Gramenz.
Credit: WQAD8
Simons can’t be more proud than he already is as Nathan emptied his savings account to donate for a homeless shelter. Nathan says that he could see himself doing this again and donating his time by volunteering in the future.
That’s amazing, Nathan!