Rescued cat keeps 90-year-old owner stable and healthy, and it’s the sweetest friendship


Besides being a loyal friend to its owner, pet offers the feeling of togetherness and its presence has a positive impact on human physical and mental health – which is no surprise why many people take their pets as the members of the family.

People who live with animals are said to experience less stress and are less likely to visit a doctor than those who don’t. The existence of a pet was said to reduce loneliness, stimulate communication and physical contact, allow people to show affection, and also stimulate memory and attention. One thing for sure, having a pet makes our life better – just like Lupita’s life.

A 90-year-old woman Guadalupe ‘Lupita’ is a mother to her daughter, Diana Perez and an owner of a cat named Tili.

According to Perez, Lupita’s precious relationship with Tili is the sweetest friendship you’ll ever see. The beautiful friendship started when Tili was saved right before it was eaten by a dog. Tili trying to save itself and got under the dirty and oily car.

“Its body was full of mud and oil from under the car. Tili was small, scared to death, and very thin at that time. My brothers spent all their money to help Tili recover,” added.

Lupita is always so affectionate towards Tili as the cute cat keeps her motivated. We can see how the old lady sweetly sharing her piece of biscuit with her cat.

The friendship between the old woman and her cat is so beautiful that Lupita even owns a necklace that reads ‘Luna’, Tili’s nickname. We can safely say that the Tili’s existence might play a part in keeping the old lady stable and healthy.

“My mother and her partner, the sweet and naughty kitten – Tili. I love them very much,” wrote Diana in her publication.

Tili stays by Lupita’s side, the whole time, and watching its owner lovingly.

The presence of dogs, cats and other pets is a determinant of mood, which answers why Lupita is always in a good mood around Tili. The impact of animals on human life is so positive that even many health programs in various countries have begun to include more pets into their therapy.

Such a beautiful friendship!