Pregnant dog was injured by the roadside, guarded by another little dog until help arrived


We all know that dog is a man’s best friend. Though sometimes, a dog can be another dog’s best friend. A stray named Murphy in particular, was the guardian angel for another stray, Marley.

Marley was left lying on the side of a busy road after an apparent hit-and-run. She could barely move, breathing heavily each time trying to live just one more minute. Next to her, a brown dog stood by loyally, not moving an inch and keeping an eye on her.

Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale

It was Murphy. He was watching her over, while also watching countless number of cars pass them by., hoping someone would stop and offer them help. Unfortunately, no one did.

That was until Faith Easdale received a call from a civilian notifying them of an injured dog in Muscoy, California.

Easdale works for an animal rescue center called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. As soon as she heard the news, she rushed over with a fellow rescuer.

Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale
Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale

“Marley was in terrible distress and pain and breathing heavily. We weren’t even sure if she was going to make it,” she shared with The Dodo.

Eventually, they managed to move Marley into the car, and they had to bring Murphy along as he wouldn’t budge away from his injured friend.

At the hospital, X-ray scans showed two shocking results. One was Marley’s broken bones. Another was the 11 puppies she was carrying inside of her. Yes, she was very pregnant.

Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale

Though, soon enough, the little dog began to realize that she was in good hands and began running and playing around while waiting for her to get her treatment.

Faith then realized that Murphy and Marley weren’t really inseparable, so she did all she could to find Murphy a better home.

As for Marley, she managed to deliver 11 healthy puppies despite her legs being put in casts. She never ceased to be nurturing and attentive towards her babies.

Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale
Credit: Facebook/Faith Easdale

Two years of tender, love and care later, Marley was fully recovered and her puppies were respectively adopted into loving families.

Marley, too was taken into a welcoming home and she is healthier than ever, being the special dog she always was.