Police officer saves a puppy tied to fence stuck in harsh weather, eventually adopts him


“When I saw Joey, tied up and chained in this park, I knew that I had to take care of him and bring him home, give him all the love and attention that I know he deserves.”

It was three days past Christmas in 2018 when Joey the puppy’s fate took a better turn. He was left alone, tied to a fence in a terrible weather. Completely drenched in rainwater, he stood there trembling helplessly, with no hope in sight.

However, it all changed when patrol officer Michael Pascale was making rounds in the neighborhood of Brooklyn that very day.

His eyes almost immediately caught the sight of sickly 1 month old Labrador and he didn’t even think twice before jumping out of his moving car to rescue the poor pup.

When Officer Pascale met Joey, who didn’t have a name or an ID then, it was a bittersweet feeling. He was smitten and touched.

Joey was apparently whining, almost begging him to rescue him from the harsh weather. A visible puddle was forming around the dog and Pascale knew he had to act fast.

Moved by his sorrow-stricken eyes, Officer Pascale and his colleagues released him from the chain and brought him to an animal care center nearby. After thorough cleaning and treatment, the puppy was found to be healthy, only slightly malnourished due to not having any food for a few days.

Pascale offered to dry him off, when he was said to still be whining but he kept looking at the officer and licking his face, a clear sign of gratitude.

That was when Pascale decided to name him Joey, after a character in the Disney movie ‘Lady and The Tramp’.

Three weeks in the care of the locals shelter, Pascale’s affection towards Joey grew by large. He felt a connection and responsibility to provide Joey with a better life than he had in the past.

”You wouldn’t do this to your 3 year old child, put him outside because you need space in your house or you don’t want to take care of a child at some point,” Pascale spoke in comparison to abandoning a dog in a speech for PETA.

He advised the public to take good care of animals, like how they would with a child.

Despite all that he has been through, Joey remains energetic and cheeky. He continues having daily adventures with Pascale.