Firefighter applauded for performing CPR to rescue a small dog that lost its pulse in a fire


If a fire suddenly broke out in front of you, what and who will you save first? The most common answers would be family, gadgets, money and important documents. How about pets? We can always figure our way out of danger, but domestic animals are helpless. After all, they spend the longest time with us, their only family hence they depend on us for their survival.

In 2017, a fire broke out in an apartment in Santa Monica, California and fireman Andrew Klein performed mouth-to-mouth CPR on a small dog named Nalu. Initially, the fire department was called to put out the raging fire on the building. However, when they arrived, it came to their attention that a small dog was stuck in one of the houses.

Credit: Pixabay (Image for illustration purpose only)

Later, a unconscious dog was pulled out of smoke-engulfed apartment and laid out on the grass some distance away from the scene. The dog, Nalu didn’t have a pulse when firefighter Andrew Klein attended to him.

It may be too late to get the dog to the hospital. The owner stood beside him helpless,  covering her face as she wept at the thought of losing her beloved pet. Klein,without hesitating, started performing mouth-to-mouth CPR and gave him a pet oxygen mask to revive him.

Credit: Facebook/Billy Fernando

The people around gathered and clutched their hands together, keeping their gaze fixed on Klein and Nalu hoping for a miracle to happen. 20 minutes passed and Nalu begin to move his tiny legs, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief, thanks to officer Klein and his colleagues who helped pet him gently until he eventually regained consciousness.

The dog was later sent to the vet for further treatment to ensure he did not suffer internal injuries. Thankfully, Nalu was bubbly as ever and his owner was grateful for officer Klein and his timely help.

According to Klein, the fire was relatively large at that time, only one meter away from the dog, that’s when he heard the dog barking. Instinctively, he ran in a hurry to save the dog from the dangerous environment.

“I found a cardboard box and put him in it quickly, for fear that the dog would burn to crisp if left any longer in the apartment.” shared Klein.

It is said that at that time, people were almost burnt! Fortunately, Klein and his team mates reached in time to stop the fire from spreading any further.

Credit: Facebook/Billy Fernando

Firefighters are very strong yet sensitive. They may be well-built and capable enough to face danger as part of their job everyday, but they still have compassion for lives. Despite knowing that there are high chances that they might succumb to the flames while on duty, they risked it to rescue the dogs.

Maybe in the hearts of firefighters, they feel that animals are also lives and need human assistance especially in times of danger when they are most vulnerable.

Credit: Facebook/Billy Fernando

The story went viral, and there were a lot of heart-warming comments from netizens.

“This small dog is too lucky. You better become a police dog when you grow up,” teased a netizen.

Firefighters have one of the riskiest job ever. The uncertainty of their lives gambled to save hundred other lives deserves much more recognition and appreciation than they receive.

It proves that dog life is worthy of respect as well, and animal protection laws have been set up abroad to show respect for these animals, which these firefighters have clearly shown. To them, animals are precious, and are worthy of the same respect and attention.