Elderly man scammed by his customer who gave him toy currency, breaks down in tears as he couldn’t buy medicine


Scamming , besides being absolutely unethical,  is utterly heinous. Tricking someone into handing over a large sum of money to an unknown source is inhumane, especially because most people who get scammed are financially less privileged.

Regardless of how minuscule or paramount the amount of money involved, what’s more heartbreaking is the consequences faced by the victims of this crime.

An aged man from West Sumatra experienced scamming when he was cheated by a customer. He works as a vegetable seller in a local market and realized that one of his patrons had used toy money to purchase goods from him.


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Jadi ceritanya bapak ini belanja ke apotek excellent … Dia beli obat sesak napas 4 srtip .. Pas dia mau bayar saya lihat uang nya uang 50.000 mainan … Lalu saya bilang sama bapak itu kalau ini uang mainan .. Lalu si bapak bengong , nangis . Saya tanya ini uang darimana ? .. itu uang hasil dia jualan sayur di pasar . ” iko pitih manjua japan ka pasa , urang mambali 60 kilo” katanya … Lain kali hati2 bapak saya bilang . Ya mau gimana si bapak ini matanya memang sudah rabun … Ya allah .. tega sekali orang yang sudah menipu bapak ini … bapak ini sampai nangis ya allah .. semoga yang menipu bapak ini dapat ganjaran yang setimpal … aminn … 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 . Lokasi : Cingkariang kampuang tangah, Bukit tinggi, Sumatera Barat.

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He came to know of it when he was gathering money to buy his asthma medicine at a pharmacy. He had picked up the medicine, however, when he wanted to pay for the drug at the counter, the cashier refused to accept his payment and told him that the money he had presented was of no value.

Shocked he walked away in desperation and ended up in tears over his unfortunate fate. When a stranger confronted him, he explained his situation, adding that he worked hard peddling vegetables just so he could save enough to buy  his medication.

The elderly man’s vision was compromised, so he could not see clearly that the money he was given was real or fake. Furthermore, the paper money handed by the customer was very similar to the actual Rp 50,000 Indonesian currency, same color and length.

It’s unfair that he has to endure such experience at an old age, given his income and medical condition. Even though he is old, he works independently to earn a decent income to sustain himself. How could anyone even bring themselves to cheat him?

If we are not capable of doing even the slightest good, the least we can do is to not wish harm upon others. Life is already hard for some people out there, let’s not add to their struggles.

The story has been trending on  Instagram  and to date has received more than 5000 netizen sharing their views on the story. Most people agree that it’s wrongful to scam an elderly person. Some have even offered help to get his medicines.