Woman survived on only fruits and vegetables found dead in her house due to her extreme diet


Physical appearance has been a topic of debate for many years. Opinions on ideal weight and body shape have evolved over the course of time yet still remain biased as to what is considered acceptable standard in society. 

While having a balanced diet of all necessary nutrients and adequate exercise keeps you physically and mentally healthy, people tend to look for shortcuts and extreme options to get better result in a unbelievably short span.

A Facebook user by the name Imi Aruz shared the story of a woman who pushed her healthy lifestyle a little too much that it cost her her life.

According to Imi, she had a 41-year-old Singaporean female acquaintance who was of Chinese descent. Apparently, the woman was not very skinny when they had first met. However, in the next two years, she noticed that the woman was getting thinner albeit being energy deprived and weak all the time.

She was an architect, and was the smartest student in her field. She had a bachelor degree in architecture and was not committed in any relationship. Despite appearing normal, Imi noticed that something was amiss. She was generous to Imi, regularly buying her food but never for herself.

Surprisingly, the woman actually ate only fruits, vegetables and soy products. According to Imi, her acquaintance was terrified of carbohydrates. Despite being advised many times to eat a regular diet, the woman refused and carried on with her selective diet.

Credit: Pixabay (Image for illustration purpose only)

She would wake up as early as 6:30, and until 9am, she’d go cycling and hit the gym to use the treadmill . It was learned that later in the evening, she would leave her belongings with a security guard before returning to the gym again for an hour’s work out.

On December 29 last year, Imi found her acquaintance stranded in a condo gym for two long hours without anyone noticing. The ambulance was contacted immediately. The paramedics rushed in to quickly conduct tests to determine her blood sugar levels.

Shockingly, her blood sugar content was at 1.9, which was an alarmingly low rate, indicating that she had hypoglycemia or lack of blood sugar.

For normal humans, the level is between 4.0 and 5.4 mmol / L (72 to 99 mg / dL) during fasting. Whereas the level after two hours of eating is up to 7.8 mmol / L (140 mg / dL).

She was released from the hospital and was doing fine for two weeks, until Imi met her with a bruised face.

When confronted, she explained that she had fallen unconscious again. Worried, Imi advised her out of concern as she was living alone. Finally, the woman gave her sister’s phone number with the message, ‘If you haven’t seen me in the gym for more than 3 days, call this number’.

Then, on February 26, she returned to the area and felt strange not seeing the woman at the gym. The security personnel also did not see the woman, who never missed a day at the gym.

Credit: Pixabay (Image for illustration purpose only)

Imi then ordered the security worker to call the number she had previously given. After an hour, the woman’s parents arrived and went straight home to check on their daughter’s condition.

It was a devastating moment when they found out that the woman was no longer alive. She had collapsed and was left unattended as she lived on her own. Imi decided to share the story so that it could be a lesson for everyone out there to follow the advice of a nutritionist and doctor before starting any diet plan.

Imi Aruz/Facebook

Of course, physical appearance is important, but never at the cost of your life. What’s more important is to be healthy internally rather than just attractive to the sight.

Imi Aruz/Facebook