Beekeeper turns trespassing BEAR into honey tasters and the BEAR chooses the best honey!


Honey is sweet and delicious, and it is a buzzing favorite, not just for bees, but for humans as well. The golden molasses of nature is favored for its unique sweetness and long life span, because it is the only food in the world that does not expire.

Do you know who else enjoys a good taste of honey? That’s right, bears! The beekeepers are most afraid of these sneaky animals stealing honey, because when they do, they will tear down the beehive and leave a sticky mess behind.

Over the years, beekeepers have come up with many ways to keep the bears at bay. However, Turkey’s Trabzon beekeeper İbrahim Sedef did the opposite. He decided to hire bears to be ‘honey tasters’ and invite them to eat honey for free, so that they can help evaluate the quality of his honey.

Sedef’s apiary is often patronized by bears, though not by choice.

He used many methods to stop the beehives from being ravaged, such as putting the beehives in iron cages, or putting some bread, fruit, and honey beside the beehives. No matter what trick he rolls out of his hat, the bears were always a few steps ahead of him.

Sedef decided to set up cameras in the apiary to observe the bears’ each and every move, so that he can plan a clever tactic to save his honey. After a while, Sedef came up with a great idea, not to chase the bears away but to attract the bears to eat his honey!

He figured that rather than hiring actual people, he could use the bears to gauge which one of his honey tastes best. Sedef began one night by placing several kinds of honey on a line of plates on a long table. He labelled each plate with the type of honey; Visne, Kestane Bali and Anzer Bali to name a few.

He turned on his night vision camera and waited for the hairy guests to come savor their sweet offering. The bears turned up as he expected, and they took their time indulging in the syrupy spread.

It turns out that they were all professionals, because every time they visited they chose the most expensive honey of them all, the Anzer Bali honey.

Anzer Honey is known as “the most expensive honey in the world”. 900g can sell for more than USD$300 and the quality and taste is top notch.

Now that Sedef’s honey is ‘Bear Certified’, there’s no doubt that it’s of good quality. All he did was lured the bears into his apiary for a little taste of his honey, and they did it for no payment, just regular supply of the world’s most expensive honey. A simple but clever marketing propaganda, we must agree.