Shih-tzu adopts tiny KITTEN in a ravine and keeps barking until human rescue came

Animals are the clear proof that even when there is no blood relationship, one can still have a family-like bond with another. The touching tale of a stray dog ​​and a kitten is one such moment. 

The Animal Protection Association of South Carolina received a report from the public saying that there was a dog in the area that kept barking. What was initially thought to be just a dog trapped in a ravine turned out to be a nurturing mother protecting and feeding an estranged kitten.

The officer on duty, Michelle Smith headed for the cliff where the sound was coming from. However, it wasn’t an easy search as there were piles of bushes and trees surrounding the ditch, restricting her vision and leaving her no particular direction to look for.

She was on the verge of giving up when suddenly, she heard a loud, insistent bark. She followed the sound and found the ditch. Fortunately, the cliff was not too steep, so it was easy for her to go down. Though she was wondering how the two unlikely animals ended up in there because it certainly is deep for them.

Reaching the bottom, she found a black and white Shih Tzu covered in twigs and thorns.  She proceeded to carry her up and that’s when, to her great surprise, she found an unharmed kitten calmly drinking milk from the female dog.

Michelle had so many questions, but then thought the furry pair were too adorable. After assessing the dog’s condition, Michelle thought that the dog could go up the cliff by itself, but the dog refused to leave the kitten.

She found that the dog’s hind legs were broken as well, and the injured dog, despite being deprived of food for several days, was still feeding!

Both the animals were taken to the local animal shelter, PAWS in Anderson County. The director of the shelter, Jessica Cwynar said that this is the nature of mammals. Just like when we see abandoned children, we will be driven to take care of them.

The Shih Tzu was found to be at least 5 years old and was named Goldie. The 5 week-old kitten was called Kate. Since they were discovered up until their days at  the shelter, Goldie and Kate remained inseparable.

Goldie is suspected to be someone’s pet as she had freshly groomed fur and a collar on her neck. However, nobody came forward to retrieve her even after the shelter posted their details on their Facebook account. More joy for the animals as they can spend more time together.

They eat together and sleep together.

When they’re not playing around or snuggled under the comfort of each other’s fur, they just lovingly look at each other. When the kitten walks too close to the edge of the cage, the dog would carry it back to their little pad with her mouth.

Though they are of different species, their curly coats and blackish-grey-white color gives them an uncanny similarity to each other. Perhaps this is also the reason why they bonded right away. They chose each other, the dog being the loving mother and the kitten being the child in need of affection and care.

What made their bond even more special is the fact that Goldie hasn’t given birth in the past six months, however a sudden maternal surge caused her to produce milk just to feed Kate the kitten. Even then, the shelter staffs provide milk bottles for Kate, which Goldie enjoys as well.

After a while of staying at the shelter, Goldie and Kate were adopted together by a foster family, giving their happy story a happier ending.