Wuhan residents raged over local authorities’ distribution of raw meats using garbage trucks


The province of Hubei and the city of Wuhan still remain largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the places are under complete lockdown with tight quarantine regulations. Public are ordered to stay in enclosed facilities at all times, with limited time to come out to purchase necessary provisions.

To ensure the sustenance of everyday life of their residents amidst the lingering state of panic and fear, the government is distributing basic necessities such as groceries in a substantial amount required by the particular areas.

However, one specific incident is stirring up the anger and dissatisfaction among the locals in Wuhan.

In an image posted on Weibo, the inhumane act of a local authority was caught on camera when they distributed frozen raw meat using garbage trucks.

Credit: Weibo

The outbreak situation is reported to be steadily declining with the city’s stay-at-home order that has been going on for a month hence the restrictions have been loosened up a little, allowing residents to take more time to be out of their homes.

That is when they realized that during the course of the quarantine order, the local government has been distributing food to the affected people in garbage dump trucks.

Evidently, the disclosure made many Wuhan residents post their anger-filled comments on the Weibo site.

“I took the meat last night, my mom said it smelled bad so I didn’t eat it,” a netizen commented.

“It’s scary,” wrote another.

“It’s really disgusting to see,” read another raging statement.

Following the backlash, an official on behalf of the local government of Qingshan released a statement.

“Local authorities found that the ‘Gangdu Garden’ neighborhood committee had been using garbage trucks when distributing 1,000 packs of frozen frozen meat daily and during the mentioned exposure, as many as 530 packs of raw meat were already distributed.”

Following that, the neighborhood committee immediately sent a representative to apologize to each and every resident in the area and retrieved all the meat for disposal.

Officials involved in handling food distribution in Qingshan district were fired immediately and an investigation was underway.

An official on the secretariat’s handling committee said, “The mistake, while being unacceptable, may have been due to a lack of transport vehicles.” 

Credit: Weibo

As of 15 March, more than 50% patients of all confirmed cases of Covid-19 has been treated to cure with the other half still being hospitalized for quarantine and medical observance. Despite the progress, local authorities are still implementing food and provision distribution to the affected residents around Wuhan and neighboring provinces.