This smart dog saved owner’s life, can buy things from the market, do laundry and even use ATM machine


This golden Labrador named Wonderdog Endal was the best assistance dog one can ever ask, despite being born with a joint disease called osteomalacia on both front legs.

Endal was a very smart dog with good problem-solving skills. Thanks to that, it was given the opportunity to become a help dog assisting Allen Parton, a former Royal Navy member who served in the Gulf War.

Parton came back from the war with a serious head injury – little memory and limited speech capability.

Parton needs to use a wheelchair because of injury. He was later introduced to Endal, whom he credited as the who helped get his life back on track and his savior.

“My life was a jigsaw puzzle blown up in the Gulf War, Endal brought those pieces back to me. He saved my marriage and brought me back to my children. He was the cleverest dog in the world. Without him, Sandra and I wouldn’t be together today, I’d be alone on a war pension not knowing which day was Christmas,” told Parton.

Endal helped him get what he wanted, making his life much easier. If Parton touches his face, Endal knows that he needs to get a razor.

The smart dog can also help to take down the items on the supermarket shelves and help with the laundry.

Even more amazing, Endal also knows how to use the ATM machine to get money!

One day, Parton was hit by a car, causing him to fly out of the wheelchair and lose consciousness. Endal quickly dragged him to a safe place and found Parton’s cellphone. He pushed the phone to Parton’s hand, bite a blanket from the wheelchair to cover its owner and rushed to the nearby hotel for help.

To Parton, Endal was a miracle that came upon him.

Credit: BBC News

Thanks to this amazing action, Endal also received the Golden Medal from the British People’s Medical Agency for Rescuing Sick Animals (PDSA) – a medal awarded to animals who save lives, human or non-human, in critical situations. After establishing this award in 2001, only 18 dogs have received this medal over the years.

After that, Endal became famous as an ambassador for service dog training and charity. Unfortunately, the amazing dog died at the age of 13 after a stroke and buried at the animal cemetery of Ilford PDSA with other dogs who received the PDSA medal.

During the last nine months of his life, Endal directed an Endal Junior Labrador puppy EJ, who is now assisting Parton.

May Endal rest in peace.