Teacher walked 8 hours through a jungle and carried 90 pounds fridge for his students in rural hostel


We know all good teachers are willing to do anything for their students, but this one teacher named Harry Yanto Bikal in Sabah, Malaysia tops them all.

Recently, the teacher that goes by the name Harry went viral for carrying a fridge for eight hours through a jungle in Penampang, Sabah for his students in the rural hostel – and the fridge is almost 90 pounds (44 kilogram)!

According to Harry, the only way to the primary school, Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Longkogungan was on foot, which is why he decided to bring the fridge himself to his students when he heard that they needed one.

It was said that Harry took hours of walk to travel 10 kilometers to the school, from the town of Donggonggon, where he bought the fridge.

Credit: Harian Metro

“The only way to the school is through the hilly jungles and a few rivers, which is why no other way of transport can reach it,” explained Harry, saying that the school located well inland between the two provinces of Penampang and Tambunan.

It is said that there are a total of 11 students in that primary school, but nine of them are staying in the hostel because their homes are too far away from the rural school.

That is why Harry is willing to go extra mile and bring them with the fridge, for their convenient.

Credit: Harian Metro

According to Harry, the fridge was a contribution to the hostel by all of the kind school teachers. He said that they wanted to make sure that food the students needed frequently such as chicken, fish, and vegetables could last longer than a day.

Harry occasionally carries the supplies for the hostel students on the weekends too.

Credit: Facebook

These teachers tried their best to provide the students with not only education, but the best condition for them to learn and gain knowledge.

How amazing!

Look at Harry carrying the fridge here!