Ugly stray puppy with skin disease ignored by people turned into beautiful dog with help of a kind lady


Despite we like it or not, pretty privilege – where prettier people are welcomed and get more privilege, is real. Sadly, we human are not the only one experiencing that as nobody is paying attention to this ugly dog in front of the supermarket.

This 2 months old puppy called Ronaldinho suffered from skin disease, hence its condition is not at its best.

Ronaldinho is looking sick with a head without fur.

Credit: Sina

Sitting in front of the steps at the mall every day, people can’t help to notice the poor little dog. However, Ronaldinho is out the way. So sometimes people will throw things so that the dog will stay away from the steps.

The poor dog sits on the steps every day.

Credit: Sina

Despite a lot of people come and go every single day, nobody is willing to help and take the ugly dog home. Fortunately, a lady named Lin Lin came to the supermarket one day to buy some things and saw the poor little furry friend.

Lin Lin found Ronaldinho.

Credit: Sina

Looking at Ronaldinho’s sad expression, kindhearted Lin Lin pitied the dog and reached out her hand to help him. The dog excitedly wags its tail, showing how eager it is to have someone who finally willing to be his friend.

At that very moment, Lin Lin realized she is Ronaldinho’s most trusted friend and she can never leave the dog alone. So she wrapped the poor puppy in a blanket and drove Ronaldinho to the hospital for examination.

She brings the dog to meet the vet.

Credit: Sina

The test result shows that Ronaldinho’s skin condition is very serious and needs to be treated at the hospital before it being taken home. Throughout the treatment, Ronaldinho’s skin is getting better, and it is no longer a sad-looking dog it used to be.

Ronaldinho’s fur started to grow again

Credit: Sina

And the dog grew up tremendously. Look at how amazing it looks like now!

Credit: Sina

It is safe to say that an ugly duckling has grown to be a beautiful swan!