Toddler hugs his furry friend and cries uncontrollably after the dog went missing for 48 hours


Dog lovers treat their pets just like their family members, and some families have their dogs and kids together at the same house. If they interact with the children, it can also become a health hazard provided the situation. However, on the other hand, there are many children today who have busy parents and no siblings or companions to play with. When a child is lonely, having a dog certainly will be able to cheer them up.

A man has raised a Labrador for more than seven years. Even when his wife was pregnant, the dog was not sent away. After the baby was born,  the Labrador became one of his playmates, as he was the only child.

When the baby was learning to walk, the dog took care of him all the way. If he found that the baby was about to fall, he quickly blocked it with his own body. He accompanied the child throughout the day, keeping a close eye on him.

When he is not watching the kid, the dog goes out for a walk every day on his own, and he always returns home after some time.

Unfortunately, one day, the dog did not come back after his walk. Worried, the family searched frantically around the neighborhood, but to no avail.

After a full day of searching, the family began to worry that the dog was taken away by someone, as animal burglary happened quite often in the area . The next day, the owner printed a missing dog notice, and pasted it all over the neighborhood.

It seemed like they were waiting forever. Fortunately, almost 48 hours after the dog was lost, the neighborhood security guard called and said that he saw a familiar-looking Labrador entering the area.

When the owner heard it, he ran down in a hurry, and sure enough, it was really his own dog. When the owner brought the dog home, the baby rushed out of the house and saw his playmate. Then the baby suddenly pounced on it, hugged the dog’s body, and then started crying.

After the dog was lost, the owner never dared to tell the child, but instead said that the dog was picked up by the aunt for a few days to play. Fortunately, the dog has returned safely to his little friend. If he was went missing any longer, surely the child would have been devastated.

Witnessing the baby’s emotional reunion with his furry friend, the parents couldn’t help but shed a few tears. They never knew that the dog meant so much to their child.