Japanese viral quick hack shows how easily one can get rid of tissue bits attached to fabrics after washing


You know what’s worse than having lint on your clothes? It’s taking your clothes fresh out of the laundry and finding out that there’s bits of tissue stuck to every little piece of clothing. That’s definitely a nightmare many wouldn’t want to experience.

For those are familiar with the incident, you know how almost impossible it is to get rid of the tissue shred from the fabric. It’s painstakingly tedious and the chances of throwing the clothes away than actually removing the tissue is higher.

Fortunately, a Japanese woman was ever so generous to make a Twitter thread addressing this specific issue. Even more fortunate is the fact that someone has taken the liberty to translate it into English.

According to the woman, Yukino, the trick to removing the tissue bits is to add a dash of fabric softener into the washing machine, and rinse and spin the clothes again.

Before fabric softener:


After fabric softener:

Apparently, there’s a simple scientific explanation to this. Tissue tends to cling to fabric due to their opposite electric charges. When the clothes are dried out, the charges become bonded and causes both the materials to be practically inseparable.

When fabric softener is added, the bond between the tissue and the fabric breaks, making it easier for the tissue to come off the clothes.

Well, you learn something new everyday!