Record-breaking giant albino catfish caught by British fisherman in Spain, weighs 88 kg and is 2.40 m long


Fishing is one of man’s most sought after hobbies. The amount of time and money they are willing to spend on learning the tricks and scoring a rare catch tells so much about how passionate they can be.

40-year-old Chris Grimmer had his precious moment when he caught a giant albino catfish on his fishing trip to Spain. He broke the local record in 2011 for the most impressive catch, the giant fish weighing a whopping 2.40 m with a weight of 88 kg.

It was the largest albino catfish caught on the Ebro riverside in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The beast weighed about 1 kg more than the record held by a blind woman, Shelia Penfold, the previous year.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Chris caught this giant fish with three of his pals during a week of fishing, an activity he is thoroughly invested in.

Gepostet von Chris Grimmer am Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

“He ripped off my reel. It was then that I knew it was a big fish, ” he shared with MailOnline.

After the catfish took the bait, Chris battled with it for a good 30 minutes to raise it above the water level. The strength of the big fish was so great that Chris’ rod bent in half, but he knew he had to brace the ordeal.

“It took me a while to bring it back, it was like trying to get on a moving bus. One of my friends eventually went into the water to help get it out, ” explained Chris.

Gepostet von Chris Grimmer am Montag, 26. Mai 2014

Initially, they had a tour guide with them but he had left them to buy food. When they called him, Ashley Scott immediately went back to where they were fishing.

“We know what the records are for catfish, so we immediately realized it was a big catch, ” shared Ashley.

“The atmosphere was cheerful on the bank, the passers-by clapped and clapped again. We drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate the event and Chris poured a drop of champagne into the river for the fish. ”

The albino catfish was returned to the water, safe and sound, after being weighed.

World Record Catfish caught: 8 Ft, 206 pounds. The Albino Catfish was caught out of River Ebro-Near Barcelona, Spain.(Photo Courtesy: Bernie Campbell BNPS )

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“I was barely able to walk, but it was worth it,” recalls Chris of the testing moment.

While Chris caught this large fish, another British fisherman Bernie Campbell caught a similar species of albino catfish of 3 m long and about 93 kg with his son Gary in 2013.

Gepostet von Chris Grimmer am Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

“When I brought the fish closer to the edge and saw that it was white, I couldn’t believe it. It was so strong that I almost passed out four times, ” said Campbell, according to MailOnline .

Catfish is a more common species of fish favored by fishing enthusiasts. They can grow up to 3 m and weigh anywhere between 100 to 300 kg. Though they are widely available across the waters worldwide, the albino versions are harder to find, hence explaining the fishermen’s excitement upon catching the fish.